Clinical Key

Introducing Elsevier's ClinicalKey™ — The smarter, faster way to increase efficiencies for your institution and improve patient care. ClinicalKey is not just a conventional clinical search engine, but a clinical insight engine designed to specifically address physicians’ three key search requirements:


ClinicalKey draws answers from the largest collection of clinical resources, covering every medical and surgical specialty – eliminating physician’s reliance on less accurate sources.


ClinicalKey provides access to clinical information from Elsevier that physicians can trust to reduce clinical errors.

Speed to answer

The most relevant clinical answers all from one online source reduces physicians search time and increases the time they spend caring for patients. ClinicalKey is exclusively designed to align with physician workflows so it delivers answers that are more relevant than those provided by conventional clinical search engines and significantly reduces the time physicians spend searching.
To learn more about ClinicalKey, visit  From there, you can view a quick guided tour video, get a glimpse of the specialties that ClinicalKey covers, and request more information including subscription and pricing options. 

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