InOrder by Elsevier

InOrder by Elsevier is an intuitive, cloud-based order set solution that enables physicians, clinicians and informaticists to author, review and manage order sets in a collaborative environment.  It adapts to your healthcare organization by allowing you to import your existing order sets and author order sets based upon your hospital’s terminology and order items.  What makes InOrder unique:

Intuitive and collaborative management system: The InOrder management system handles all the processes of authoring, reviewing, and task management involved with developing and maintaining order sets.  It was designed by clinicians, for clinicians – for ease-of-use and quick user adoption. 

Easy-to-find, high-quality content: InOrder content is evidence-based and intended for rapid access to optimal orders at the point of need.  The content covers the Elsevier order sets which combine orderable items with clinical decision support guidance, the evidence to support those order sets, and the on-going updates that could have an impact on order sets.

Smart Integration: The InOrder Adaptive Technology Platform enables localization of your terminologies and order items, import of your existing order sets from your EMR, and export of your approved order sets from InOrder into your CPOE system.
Tailored Services: InOrder implementation teams are led by clinicians and informaticists with deep knowledge of the order set space and supported by experts in software deployment.  We will work with you in a tailored and structured approach to ensure your organization is prepared for and ready to embrace the practice and workflow changes associated with the implementation of InOrder.

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